Rage, grief, and fear are all sane reactions to being silenced, destabilized, or made to feel invisible, powerless, or ashamed. It makes sense to get angry and it makes sense to go numb—whatever it looks like, self-preservation makes sense. Things stop making sense when we use our vital power to silence and destabilize ourselves and each other—using internalized tactics of tyranny to cope with the harms of tyranny, we perpetuate cycles of abuse and disconnection.

Designed to honor and replenish the deep systems of your body, this class explores different ways of reclaiming power, sensation, and hope. 

The practice integrates yoga, music, and guided visualization to provide a space for healing against dissociation, rage, and apathy. The slow-moving pace of the class is set to a carefully-crafted soundtrack of ambient and heavy music. Sometimes the music is moody and relaxing—sometimes it is raw and relentless. Whatever its quality, the music models how intense emotions can be channeled into creativity rather than into destruction and despair. 

This offering is intended for all who are burdened and harmed by the homogenizing and dehumanizing violence of American culture.

Saturday May 11, 4-6pm
at West Asheville Yoga

About Jo:

I’m rooted in the understanding that our bodies instinctively know how to heal. My classes support somatic healing based in transformative justice—learning to follow the body’s tendency to let power flow freely within and among complex systems. I believe that connecting to core awareness and sensing the deep subtlety of our native existence is a critical step in growing past white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and the harms of colonial culture.


I have always been fascinated by being in a body. My relationship to my body was shaped by childhood trauma, cultural trauma, the conditioning of ballet culture, and all the things I can feel. I started my own healing as a teenager and became a structural reintegration therapist when I was twenty. Ten years later, I completed two 200hr yoga teaching training courses. A few years after that, I received a Masters in clinical mental health counseling with a concentration in expressive arts therapy and systemic multicultural counseling.

Yoga for the Obliteration of Tyranny evolved out of a Heavy Metal Yoga class I launched in 2014.
It’s a real honor to share this practice with folks. In addition to teaching, I currently work in private practice as a therapist and am half of the collaborative art duo, Abacus Corvus.

My Thanks:

I am enriched by the love that has been passed down to me through my ancestors and through my teachers and through my teachers’ teachers—may their love + protection amplify through me.